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Taiwan Travel Diary #16: Shida nightmarket

Hey everyone~
Today I'll show you one of the nightmarkets in Taipei that is, surprisingly, not mainly famous for it's food.

Shida nightmarket (師大夜市)

How to get there:

Take subway line #3 (Green Line) to Taipower Building Station. 
Get out of exit 3, turn right twice and then you should reach Shida Road (師大路)
The market is along that road.

Shida nightmarket is named after the second best university in Taiwan, Taiwan National Normal University (called "Shida" ). Therefore it mostly caters to university students, and most of the stalls there sell fashionable, affordable clothes.

A lot of the shops sell "japanese" or "korean" style clothing. Which was probably bought in Wufenpu, but most clothes here are sold as "imported" from Korea or Japan in order to sell them more expensively. Thus, a lot of the stores include Korean in their names,

One store I really like there is Glad King:

The owner designs a lot of the items there himself, and they're pretty hilarious. I bought a T-shirt from them once, and it was pretty expensive (600NTD) but unique.
A lot of the designs feature Alpacas, such as Alpaca minions, or Captain Alpaca.

After shopping, my friends and I were quite hungry so we headed over to Ximen to get some food.
We ate Mango Bingsu first, but as I was still hungry I got some Udon afterwards.

That's it for today, hope you enjoyed this post~
Would you go shopping at Shida nightmarket?
Tell me in the comments below! :D

Love, Lydia


  1. The stores look so cute omg. And the food looks delicious!

    Michelle天羽 ♥
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