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Weekend Trip to Hong Kong: Day 1

Hey everyone~
By now, my blog posts are absolutely not in chronological order anymore, I hope you don't mind.
But as I spend the last weekend in Hong Kong, and I made so many good memories, I just want to write them down as soon as possible.

I booked my flight with Hong Kong Airlines, and i'm not really sure if i should recommend them. Our flight to Hong Kong was delayed, but then again they have the cheapest flights. Also their movie selection is great.

We took off from Taipei around 1PM, and by the time we arrived in Hong Kong, took the bus to the city, found our hostel and had prepared to go out, it was already dark. Hong Kong looks absolutely stunning as soon as the sun sets, there's so many lights.

Our hostel was located in Mong Kok, right near Mong Kok station so it was a super convenient area to stay in. Lots of shopping malls~

As we planned to watch the Symphonie of Lights later on that evening, we decided to set out to Tsim Sha Tsui a bit earlier and search for some dinner.

Or course we opted for some Bubble Tea to go along with our meal.
Verdict: tastes very different from Taiwanese bubble tea, much sweeter.
Also the pearls were so big that it was impossible to suck them through the straw.

We had the most delicious spring rolls I ever had in my entire life~
They're SO good!

And of course, we had some delicious Dim Sum too.

We were in Hong Kong from November 13th to 15th, and there were so many Christmas-y things already. They even put christmas hats on the Exo cardboards at Nature Republic.

Saw those cute Lipsticks on Display at Watsons, but I wasn't able to find them anywhere inside the store unfortunately. I love Cardcaptor Sakura, and the tiny book is actually a blush!

Around 7.30PM, we headed over to the Big Clock tower as the lightshow would start at 8PM and we still wanted to take photos before that.

If you ever visit Hong Kong, make sure to see the Symphonie of lights.
I have seen it 4 years ago already (and it's still the same), but it's definitely a nice way to enjoy the gorgeous Skyline, and it's free too.

 As we planned to meet up with friends around 10PM, we just walked around the area for a bit and discovered this gorgeous place, apparantly set up in honor of HongKong Disneyland's 10th year anniversary.

We met up with some friends that we knew from Taipei later, and they took us for Hong Kong style desserts.
There were so many to chose from~
We got some Watermelon Sago, Mango Coconut...something, Sesame soup with sweet sticky rice and some sticky rice cakes, all of it really delicious.

As my travel partner was still hungry afterwards, we got some spicy fish balls that were really delicous. In Taipei, we're used to spicy food not actually being spicy, but those fish balls were super spicy. As it was quite late in the evening already, the woman who sold them gave us more than usual.
So one person ended up eating 30 fish balls by herself :D

That's it for my first day in Hong Kong~
Hope you enjoyed this post, it ended up a bit longer than i intended it to.

Have you ever been to Hong Kong, or would you like to go?
Please tell me in the comments below!


  1. waa hong kong!! I have to go there by myself next week but I've never been there before so I'm kinda scared haha (´;ω;`) any good places to recommend? (^▽^) as always your pictures look so nice!

    1. oh that's cool! :D don't worry, hong kong is pretty safe. just stay away from places like Mirador mansions and don't react to indians on the street talking with you, most of them try to sell you fake watches and stuff, but it's more annoying than actually dangerous. it's pretty easy to get around too ^^
      kinda envious that you get to stay for a week, i didn't even have 3 full days there and would have loved to stay longer :D
      some obvious recommendations would be the peak and the peak tram (try to go in the early morning, otherwise just take the bus instead), the star ferry (super cheap), shopping at the ladies market~ or just explore the shopping malls, they're amazing!
      thank you x3


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