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Taiwan Diary #29: Danshui

I'm back in Germany! But don't worry, i still have so many more blog posts about my adventures in Asia to write, this blog will definitely still be updated,
I probably wrote about Danshui before, but I got a few more photos to show you.
The easiest way to get to the main area of Danshui, and its famous old street is to simply take MRT line 2 (red line) all they way to it's final destination.

If you visit Danshui in summer, make sure to stay hydrated! One of my favourite drinks to get is 7-elevens grapefruit green tea! How i miss it..

Danshui certainly is one of the most beautiful plaes to visit that's reachable via MRT, so make sure to go.

If you avoid gong on the weekend, it's a pretty quiet and realaxing place too.

No matter how pretty the water looks though, no swimming allowed!

You can take a nice bike tour around the area though. U-bikes are everywhere.

Except for its scenery, Danshui is also famous for it's big amount of delicious food that you can get there.

One of the most famous little restaurants there is almost at the very end of the street that passes along the sea. It's directly across the turkish ice-cream vendor. Just look out for those orange bowls.
They have a big selection of small dishes, only around 30 NTD each.

Of course there's much more food than just that!
Fried Squid is a popular treat here. You can get it cut up or as a whole, giant squid.

I'm not too fond of squid normally , but it does taste pretty good here,

Soft-serve ice-cream is especially popular in summer, and they have super big versions too! But beware, it will melt really quickly so either get it when it's not burning hot, or eat very, very fast.

There's also lotss of small souvenir shops that you can check out.

We also found a German bakery...with a very questionable logo.
The Reichsadler seems to be strangely popular here. Just the other day we found an entire clothing store in a mall that had huge flags of it, and clothes with it, and clothes with the SS logo and other motives of the sort. It was creeping me out, Taiwan really needs to improve their history lessons a bit because it doesn't seem to have come across yet that those are not "fun, cool" motives that you should put on clothing or a logo.

All in all, Danshui is a pretty interesting place.

And awesome for taking photos as well.

Did you visit Danshui or would you like to? Please tell me in the comments below!

Love, Lydia


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