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Cats overload.

So this will be a post about cats.
Yes, this is a very random post.
Recently, I went through my photos from Seoul again, and more than half of them were photos of cats since I visited cat cafés more than once.
And photos of Cats belong on the Internet, don't they?
Internet = Cat photos.
So feel free to join me on the journey of fluffyness and "awwwww" moments.

Seoul has lots of Cat Cafés, and in there, lots of cats.

Some look grumpy

Some look fluffy

Some like to read

Some like to be petted

Some are really pretty

And all of them are watching you

This one kept watching me, no matter where I was

Sleepy but still watching you.

"I'm a model"

And this one's a model too.

Cat on the wall.

Cat on the sill

"Excuse me but there's a cat on my table."

Nothing unusual.

Sleeping cat on the table.

Spot the cat~

This cat was my favourite.

It always looks like it has done something wrong and feels guilty.

So cute and..


Cat in a box = Happy cat.

Group attack in 3...2...

And yes there was a cat in that paper bag. It probably got the shock of its life.

A cat checking out the bag of a customer.
Let's hope the bag survived this. 
Also, this was a guy's bag.

Reading must be exhausting.

Remember this cat?
It slept through the entire time of my visit.

Another sleepy cat. 
SO fluffy.

Another fluffy cat sleeping on the table.

And this one had a really weird way of sleeping.
Yes it's sleeping, it didn't react to anything around it. 
But that position sure looks uncomfortable xD

And last...the cat with the huge eyes (and painful claws).
Who could resist those eyes? 
I definitely couldn't.
Chicken snack for you, cute kitty~

And that's my photo spam for today, hope you enjoyed it ^^
If you want directions to some Cat Cafés in Seoul or have general questions about them, feel free to ask me in the comments section.
I'm planning to do a full post on one or two Cat Cafés when I'm back in Korea, so please look forward to that ^-^

Have a nice day everyone~


  1. So many cats ahhh... Must show this post to my cousin.

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  2. haha cute! went to a cat cafe when i was in korea about 2 months ago as well! all they seem to do is eat and sleep :P

    ♥ M & L


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