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Why Korea is awesome: Travel Maker, a Traveller's Café

This will probably be a very short post, but I felt like this café really deserves its own post.
This café was on the way from my hostel to the subway station, and what makes it special are...
Most cafés on Korea offer waffles, that huge korean version of toast (aka "bread") but not pancakes.
So one day on the way to the subway station we decided to eat brunch there.
Also another thing that makes it special:
It opens quite early (for Korea), at 9am if I remember it correctly. 

How to get there:
Go to Hongik Station
Get out of Exit 3
Walk straight, it should be on the left side of the road.

It's small, but nice ^^  The owner is really nice too, and he speaks English!
The menu is written in 4 languages!
A perfect place for travellers who don't know Korean ^^ 
And, if you go there on the day you leave Korea and show your flight ticket, you even get 50% off the price of all drinks. 

That's the menu, click on it to enlarge it.

The prices for everything are perfectly reasonable, and they have lots of yummy food to try.

You can even get an "Obama breakfast". I guess this means American style breakfast? ^^ 
Which is great, because you probably will have a hard time finding this kind of breakfast in any other café in Korea.

Yummy ice-tea for 2,000Won

So refreshing~ x3

I chose the banana and strawberries pancakes :D They were less than 5,000Won
They were really yummy, even though the strawberries weren't fresh strawberries. But fruits are really expensive in Korea, so that's okay.

Teddy Bears in a gas station near the café.

I hope you enjoyed this post ^^ 


  1. Your blog is super cute! I love Korea so much, when I read your posts on Korea it makes me miss it so much!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award please check it out ..

    1. thanks~ ^^ i guess everyone misses korea once they left. it just makes us want to come back again all the time, right? ^^

      oh thank you :D
      i'll try to do the tag tought of some questions that are quite difficult to answer :D

  2. Yes it totally does:) actually I plan in going there again to study Korean, I've seriously fallen in love with the country:)
    I know maybe I should of thought of easier questions for you><
    Thank you for following me :)


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