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Big Taobao Haul & Taobaoring Review

My Taobao stuff finally arrived~ :D

Click if you want to see all the photos and reviews, it's going to be a long post ^^

Placed order on 21/7/13
Order confirmed by them (after checking if all items were available) on 22/7/13
First payment: 23/7/13 (because one item i wanted was not available and i added another item that they had to check first)
All items arrived at their office on: 29/7/13
Paid for second payment: 29/7/13
Shipped on 30/7/13
Arrived : 13/8/13

The parcel arrived really, really quickly. The time might seem normal, or even quite late if you ship with EMS but....I chose SAL. SAL shipping usually takes at least 3 weeks from China to Germany, normally it takes over a month because it's one of the slower shipping methods (and, because of that, one of the cheapest shipping options as well)
I'll never ship stuff with EMS again.

A more detailed Taobaoring review will follow at the end ^^

Everything I ordered arrived in this huge box:

I ordered 4,7kg worth of items.
Luckily, I didn't have to pay for customs (which would have easily been another 40€) because the postman didn't notice the red sticker which says "Deliver to customs office". Yay :D 

They had some bubble wrap on top but not much between everything else since I mainly ordered clothes and all the accessories I ordered were safely placed between shirts so everything arrived safely ^^

I asked them to take the shoes out of the shoe boxes to safe instead, they put trash bags around them to keep them clean? xD

All the accessories were put together, but each was sealed individually as well.
(that Barbie pin was a freebie. I did not order that, so don't judge me please? xD)

Now onto the things I ordered~ ^^
I'll show you the photos on Taobao first, then photos of the items that I got.
And for references:  1€= 8 Yuan
  So 1$ should be about 6 yuan, I guess? ^^
I'll just write the prices both in Euro and Yuan :D

Bear plattform sneakers

store photo


Price: 179 Yuan / 22€

I absolutely love those!! :D 
The bears are fluffy and cute, but the plattform is a little higher than I thought it would be. I'm suddenly so tall when wearing those.
Unfortunately, they don't fit too well TT I have size 39, and those are size 39 as well but they're really slim.
I probably won't be able to wear them for too long without feeling uncomfortable  because they're not too small, but there's no space in them left at all when I wear them.
I still love them though.
Oh and I got two small bows with them. Those are detachable, so you can choose where you want to pin them.

fluffiness on my feet~

from behind

And~ from the side. The platforms are really high :D

Another pair of shoes I ordered.
Swimmer dinosaur sneakers~ x3

Store photo

Price: 148 yuan/ 18,50€

Love them~  they look exactly like the picture, and the quality is amazing.
They're super comfortable too, and even though they're size 39 they don't look too big.
They're a little slim too though, but still comfy.

Mint bow dress

store photo

Price:  58 yuan/7,25€

This one was  a litte disappointing. The material it's made of is very cheap and doesn't feel too nice on the skin. 

This is supposed to be a bow on the back but it doesn't really look like a bow.

Also those weird pieces of fabric (extremely cheap fabric...reminds me of those things you use to wrap around gifts?) ...i don't really know what to do with them. I might just remove them because they just look weird.

Other than that...i still like this dress. It was very cheap so I shouldn't be too disappointed by the cheap fabric. After all, you usually get what you pay for on Taobao, right?
Cheap prices, cheap quality.
Average prices, average or even great quality.

Also, I think it doesn't look too bad when I wear it ^^ 

awkward smile because I suck at posing for pictures.
and from the back.

grey ripped shirt with studs

store photo

Price: 18,80 Yuan/2,35€

So, even if I don't really look like it....I quite like this shirt. The material isn't super awesome but just nice enough, it doesn't feel like cheap material at all.
And I love~ the length of the sleeves.

The studs don't seem like they could fall of any second (like the ones on the overknee socks that i'm wearing in the picture -.-).

You'll need to wear something underneath. The cuts reach up quite high actually.
Which kind of sucks because wearing a top underneath makes it too warm for summer, but when it gets colder you can't wear this shirt either because you can't really wear a thin jacket over it because of the studs T^T

Bunny shirt

store photo

Price: 25 yuan/3,12€

And once get what you pay for.
This T-Shirt was super cheap, and the quality is as well. It doesn't feel too nice while wearing it, but for only 25 yuan that's perfectly fine ^^
I just don't really like how short the sleeves are.

How the shirt looks like when worn~
wearing the bear plattform sneakers here, and the weather tattoo tights I ordered as well (link to them later)

Shirt with pompoms~ 

store photo

Price: 75 Yuan /9,37€

I love this shirt~ it just looks so cool :D
The material could be better for that price, but the design is really unique so I won't complain~ ^^

awkward posing again~ 

Blue and black shirt

store photo

Price: 55 Yuan/6,87€

So this shirt is actually half looked green on the store photo, but alright~
The material of this one is really nice, it feels super soft x3

Before a photo of me wearing it, these are the ripped leggings I ordered:

store photo

Price: 35 Yuan/ 4,37€

So uhm...those are not similiar at all ._.
I was really disappointed by those T^T
The material is super weird and shiny >>

Which explains my face in the photo of me wearing those leggings and the blue-black shirt from above:

not impressed with the leggings.
(the dino shoes and the shirt are awesome though)

Another pair of leggings:

store photo

Price: 25/3,12€

Those are so much nicer, even though they were cheaper than the others. The material is more stretch-able, and they don't look as shiny and weird ^^

Anyways...if you order any of the above leggings, check the measurements first.
I'm quite short (about 163cm maybe), but the length is almost too short for me. If I was even 1-2cm taller, my ankles would be showing.

Panda Shirt

store photo

Price: 50 Yuan/ 6,25€

This shirt is so~~ soft. I don't think I ever owned a shirt as comfortable as this. 
The print also looks very nice, and it fits perfectly. ^^ 

wearing it together with the bear plattform sneakers and the panda tattoo tights i also got from taobao

Capsule Tattoo Tights

store photo

Price: 7,50 Yuan/0,93€

I ordered 5 pairs of tattoo tights from this store and I absolutely love them.
As you can see in the photos, I'm really, really pale T^T It's basically impossible for me to find any tights in Germany without looking like I just tanned my legs and nothing else ._. There's just nothing light enough.
But those tights fit my skin tone perfectly, so yay :D 

weird angle but anyways, the print looks great ^^
Scratching Cats Tattoo Tights

store photo

Price: 7,50 Yuan/0,93€

Same as above, they're great ^^ 

I tried to find an outfit that goes with the tights...awkward.
I really never wear short dresses like that T-T
But it has a cat on it as well so it matches..kind of?

Mickey Mouse Tattoo Tights

The store photo didn't load for some reason so..yea.
Scroll up again if you want to see how they look like when worn ^^

Price: 7,50 Yuan/0,93€

Panda Tattoo Tights

store photo
wore them with the panda shirt, just scroll up ^^

(can't find the link anymore TT but it's the same store as all the others)

Weather Tattoo Tights

I can't find the link to those anymore, but they're from the same shop like the other tattoo tights.
They cost 7,50 Yuan/0,93€ as well ^^

Molang Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S2

store photo

Price: 13 Yuan / 1,62€

This is so cute~ fits my phone perfectly, keeps it save and super practical ^^ 
The top of it that protects the screen has a thin metal plate in it and there's a small magnet in the part that closes it so it won't open by itself.

The only thing I don't really like is that the inside is completely pink, but oh well~

Dinosaur Earring

store photo

Price: 8.80 Yuan / 1,10€

This one is really cool~ It's just so unique and it really looks like you have a small dinosaur in your earlobe? xD 

Stitch Earring

store photo

Price:16,80 Yuan / 2,10€

A little pricey for just one earring (it's not a pair) from Taobao, but the design...I mean, where else do you get an adorable ice cream cone with Stitch hanging on it as an earring?

Totoro Fake Overknee Tights

store photo

Price:29 Yuan  / 3,62€

Those are great, they fit just fine and the Totoro print looks awesome :D
And all the details~

see that small totoro at the ankle? x3
If you like Totoro, you won't be able to resist those.


store photo

Price: 3,70 (sometimes on sale for 1 Yuan) / 0,46€

This is really pretty. There are so many details on it, I almost can't believe that it only costs 4 yuan...but then, that's the magic of Taobao, isn't it? ^^

Dragon Ring

store photo

1,90 Yuan / 0,23€

The dragon looks really good~ but the ring is kind of big. And you can't push it farer down because if you stretch out your fingers the dragon's tail will push into your hand which is slightly uncomfortable.

Dragon Earcuff

store photo

Price: 1,60 Yuan / 0,20€

So...I love the dragon, it looks awesome but~
I think my ears are too big for it? ;_;
It just doesn't fit at all T-T

Robot Necklace

store photo

4,15 Yuan / 0,51€

The robot is really big and really nice~
And it's not too heavy as well, but the back of my neck feels slightly itchy when I wear it.

Snake Earcuff

store photo

1,40Yuan / 0,17€

This one was the design I liked the least out of all earcuffs I purchased, but it's the one that fits the best.
It doesn't fall off even if I move my head a little too much, and all the others do T-T

Elephant Necklace

store photo

0,92 Yuan / 0,10€

The necklace is much longer than I thought it would be, but I like it ^^
It's very light, and cute :D 

Dog Necklace

store photo

1,30 Yuan / 0,16€

This one is really, really tiny. And quite long as well, which is great because all the necklaces I owned before were pretty short.

Snake Ring

store photo

1,75 Yuan / 0,21€

For some reason I thought this was supposed to be an owl.
It looks a little like that in the store photo...right?

Bear Ring

store photo

0,65 Yuan / 0,08€

This one is so cute and tiny! And it's the only one that actually fits on my ringfinger ^^

Skeleton Hand Ring

store photo

1 Yuan / 0,12€

I really, really loved this ring, it fit perfectly and the design is so cool...but then it broke ._.
The material is really soft so if you put a little too much pressure onto it...there goes your ring T-T

Neon Skulls Ring

This ring is really big, but I love the colour. It's really neon~ 
I'll just hope that it won't fall of my finger when I wear it ^^''

Octopus Ring

store photo

1 Yuan / 0,12€

This one is quite big as well but whatever~
No one should complain if it's just 1 Yuan :D

Another Dragon Earcuff

store photo

1,50 Yuan / 0,18€

I have no idea how the person in the store photo put it on this way without the Earcuff sliding down immediately. o.o

Phoenix Earcuff

That much for the things I bought ^^

Now onto my shopping service.
May I introduce you to Taobaoring ?

Their website is super easy to understand, you just fill in all the information in the "Quick Order" part and if you want more than one thing, just keep filling out the "Quick Order" form.
Everything you 'ordered' is in your shopping cart, you can check if it's all correct and then confirm the order.
Soon after (1 or 2 days max) they'll tell you if all the things you want are available.
If not, you can replace them and confirm the order again.
If everything you want is available, they will ask you for the first payment, which is the items cost, domestic shipping, and their service fee.
Then you wait until everything arrives at their office, they take photos for you and you pay for shipping.
They have a lot~ of shipping options and even the cheap ones are quite fast, as you can see in the beginning of this post :D
All in all, I can only recomment Taobaoring since they're super fast and offer cheap shipping options and payment through paypal.
My second package by them arrived in less than a month as well, but unfortunately got stuck at customs for whatever reason.
And I recently ordered some things for Winter from them too, so we'll see if that goes well too ^^ 

Thanks for reading~ 
Did you order something from Taobao before? which shopping service did you use? ^^


  1. Wow, great haul! Those dinosaur shoes are so unbelievably cute. I haven't used a Taobao shopping service before and I've been on the hunt for a good one, so thanks for the tip! :)

    1. thanks! i'm pretty much in love with everything i ordered too x3
      no problem, i hope taobaoring will work as well for you as it did for me :D

  2. Oh wow those Totoro tights are fantastic! And the teddy bear shoes, so cute!

  3. I was wondering how much you paid for everything; how much did you pay for the items, how much did you pay for shipping?

    1. items cost:1064.97 ¥
      (i ordered some stuff for a friend of mine too)
      service fee: 101.598 ¥
      Domestic Delivery Fee 205 ¥
      Shipping Fee (SAL) 334.99 ¥


  4. Taobaoring was the word COMPANY I have ever dealt with. They shipped me a wrong sized item, blamed it on me and the seller. ASKED ME TO RESHIP AND THEY WOULD REFUND IT ONCE RECEIVED.




    I WAST 280$ ON AN ITEM.




    if you want more informations you can contact me at

  5. Guys I can totally understand the negative experience and the situation you've met.

    Very recently we started a business called Chinabuy in Australia to help you purchase from Taobao and other Chinese websites (we're Chinese Australians, we speak both English and Chinese). In particular, our goal is to address most if not all issues of those Taobao agents out there. Here is how:

    * We're an English-speaking Australian business. Our team is 100% Australian-based. So it would be much easier to deal with us.

    * We bargain on your behalf and pass on the saving to you. We want to emphasise this is very common when it comes to shopping from online marketplaces such as Taobao in China. If you ask a Taobao agent out there for your transaction record on Taobao they'll probably refuse -- wonder why? They bargained and put the money in their pocket rather than yours!

    * We provide you the original Taobao transaction record. That means whatever price we've bargained, you get the same price. For example, if we have the domestic shipping cost waived, you will have it too.

    * All you pay is item costs + shipping. We don't charge a service fee. The service charge is notorious as it potentially involves a minimum charge, a cancellation fee, or a payment surcharge. So we've decided to remove it altogether and simplify the fee structure, to bring you an uncomplicated, transparent shopping experience.

    * We offer competitive exchange rate directly from Chinese Yuan to Australian Dollars, so No US dollars for Australian residents.

    Check out our website today and we're sure you'll love our service if you give us a chance to bring a smile on your face.

  6. Awesome! I really like what you've purchased. Packaging seems to be thoughtful.

    I would also vouch for and they don't charge a service fee if you're in Australia.

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  8. Hello. I also saw your post about yoybuy. What do you prefer, taobaoring or yoybuy? In terms of price, packaging, etc. c:

    1. sorry for the late reply, i didn't see this comment T^T

      I definietly prefer Taobaoring...Yoybuy was okay too but they check the items and ship them much slower than Taobaoring. Also, they stopped offering Paypal as a payment choice and i only use paypal when buying stuff online so...I really prefer Taobaoring. I actually did like 4 more orders with them afterwards (gonna make a big post about it as soon as I buy a new laptop that can handle uploading photos better than my old one) ^^

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  10. Hello, I really love your taste in accessories! May I know shops did you buy them from and how you found the earcuffs? Thanks.

    1. thank you :D
      i put links to all the items underneath the photos ^^ i found the earcuffs through just generally searching for earrings, most shops offer a lot of different accessoiries at once

    2. Aww too bad the links aren't working anymore.
      Thanks for the quick reply though. I wish I could find the rings in one shop. Do you happen to know the key word to find antique rings, like those listed above? :) Much love xo

  11. dear, just want to sharing, i been buy taobao item 3 times, but the order process quite bother me, lastly i met with ( ,firstly i quite refuse to use them, cos i want save money for service charges, but my friend stronly recommend it, so i just try with started little small things, after submit order, they are processing my order within not longer than 7hour, the status just show waiting seller sent to their warehouse, [suprise!!] After reached warehouse, they provide us "checking item" and "repack service", but this is just options, if you just want some order need checking also can, not necessary all item in 1 shipment you must check all (impressive)...this 2 things i quite appreciated, even the service charges not higher than what i expected...hehe

  12., 6 years experience, free service charge, low shipping fee.


Thanks for commenting ^-^