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The cutest coffee shop in Hamburg and other food recommendations

Hey everyone~ surprise surprise, i am actually updating this blog again!
But this time i'll be writing about my city trip to Hamburg, an absolutely gorgeous German city.
I only spent 4 days there in total, but I can't wait to go back sometime.

We took the overnight bus there, which took a total of 10 hours and arrived in the morning.
Obviously, we were starving~ for some nice breakfast so we headed over to a lovely place called Sternenschanze - the Hipster area.
Which is super artsy, lots of small stores and interesting restaurants.
We spotted this lovely gem and decided to eat breakfast there.

Here's the address if you want to visit:

Herr Max 
Konditorei & Patisserie 
Schulterblatt 12 
20357 Hamburg 

The café is open from 10am to 9pm.

The interior of this place is really adorable. Everythings pastel, and looks antique-ish, a bit worn down but still very pretty.

The cakes  they have there look fantastic, and i would have loved to try every single one of them!

We ordered something else though.
Due to being super tired, I got an ice-cream coffee and a small apple pie. 
The apple pie was 3,50€ and i think the ice-cream coffee was around 5€. A bit pricy, but totally worth it.

My sister got a Lavender tea, and to my surprise it was actual lavender instead of a simple tea bag.

She also got a breakfast plate that looked really~ delicious.

They also have all sorts of Lemonade there.

While the café was already very cute, the one thing that surprised me was how nice the waiters were. They put nice flowers on our table after we sat down

And because there was a construction site outside the cafe that was pretty loud, which still wasn't really the cafes fault, they gave us a free beverage each as compensation.
I got a mint tea with fresh mint leaves and my sister got a rhabarber lemonade (yes that is a thing in Germany)

Important fact for summer:
They also have ice-cream.
They also have vegan ice-cream, so dig in!

One day, i hope i get to visit Hamburg again. It's such a pretty and artsy city! 

Before i end this post, here are two more restaurant recommendations:

They have really delicious burgers there!

perfect for breakfast  at the beach!

so that's it for now, hope you got some nice impressions of Hamburg from this blog post!

Love, Lydia~~


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