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Etude House OMG!! It's that time again Heat Patch Review

Price:  3,98$ on Koreadepart
Amount: 2pcs

"Heat patch that makes your body relax during your periods.
                                                                    Once a month, warm up body sofly.
                                                          Softly attached on skin and makes you feel comfortable.
                                    Formulated with 4 kindly of medicinal herb extracts which are good for women."

Click on the picture to see the description/ingredients

I ordered these from Koreadepart a while ago, and I thought I would write a Review on those first ^^

Watch my live documentation of my struggle with these xD

While putting them on:

I don't know if you can see it but on the other side of the patches, there's a plastic cover that you can pull off.
Under it is the side that you stick on your skin, which feels very~ much like jelly o.o
The patches are not very stiff, so they fit perfectly onto your skin. A bad point about this though: it's really~ difficult to position the patch on your back when you don't have anyone to help you.

 As you can see here, it's supposed to stay on your lower back, in the middle...but when you have to put it on by yourself it's almost impossible to do that xD

The feeling is kind of weird, i would have expected the patches to warm up to help reduce the pain but  instead they felt icy cold at first. They also feel kind of..wet? It feels really weird to touch the surface of them, because it is perfectly dry so there won't be anyting getting on your clothes, but you still feel like the patch is kind of wettened. 

After the first 5 minutes: no difference at all, the place where the patches stick on just feels kind of cool...which is bad, i already felt like i'm getting a cold anyways and having cold patches on my waist area just makes me sneeze more than i already do T.T
They're not really heating up like I thought they would.

After 10-15 minutes: Still no difference at all. I don't know how they're supposed to work anyways, apparently there are herbs in them that should help reduce the pain but I don't know how that should work since you're just sticking the patches on your skin o.o
A good thing about them is that they stick on very well, due to the soft and jelly-like texture of them. It also feels quiet funny when you bend down or do anything that is not standing/sitting up straight. Imagine having a thin layer of jelly on your stomach. Feels super funny.

After roughly 1 1/2 hours:  I take everything back I said about them sticking on very well, or the patches feeling cool. They made my skin feel super itchy and almost fell off many times. I don't know if it's because I keep trying to concentrate on if I can feel any pain due to the patches or if it is because of the patches themselves, but I feel worse than usual. I took them off now , even though the max. time to wear those is 8 hours.

Much text, not that many pictures...sorry about that everyone. I used those in a hurry, so I wasn't able to do a really proper review on them.
Did anyone else ever try them? Do they always feel weird or is it just me? o.o


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