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Nature Republic Sleeping Tonight Neroli Sleeping Pack Review

Neroli Sleeping Pack: Mushy type of texture filled with scent of Neroli
quickly repairs the tired skin

Hey everyone~ ^^ I finally got to do a review on another product I bought when I was in Seoul, and this one's actually one of my favourites! :D

pretty flower~

150 ml
5,86$ on Koreadepart

The packaging is also recycaple :D yay~

spreading it~
finished~ you can barely see that there's something on my skin, right?

It feels more like a gel than like a cream, and it absorbs really well into my skin. Only a small amount is needed for spreading it on my cheeks. I always tend to leave out the chin, nose and forehead as those are the areas where I get break-outs easily.
The gel feels kind of cooling, but not too much...which is great, since it's winter here right now and everything's already cool enough. ^^
After it absorbed into the skin it doesn't feel like I'm having anything on my skin anymore. I'm only feeling a slight stickiness when I'm touching my cheeks, but that's not something that bothers me much...I mean, no one really touches their cheeks while sleeping, so it doesn't matter.

I LOVE IT. I look forward to going to bed every night just because I can apply the sleeping pack and smell it again xD  That's how much I love it~ <3
It has a very light flowery scent, not smelling chemical at all. The scent is not too strong and fades after applying the gel onto the skin, so it's just the right amount I guess.
I can't really tell if it's "filled with the scent of Neroli" like it's written on the packaging, since I don't really know how Neroli flowers smell...but all in all, the scent is just really nice. ^^

When I wake up in the morning, my skin really does feel a little softer than usually. It doesn't feel sticky like it normally does and I feel a little...I don't know, happier when waking up? xD It's just a nice feeling in general. About the promised skin repair....I guess that's something I can't  really measure. My skin does feel better directly after waking up, but I can't see any dramatic changes in it. I'm still super satisfied with this product :D

                                                            5/5 Stars :D

I really love the smell and the general feeling of this sleeping pack, and it does keep it's promises as far I can tell so 5/5! :D


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